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Create Your Miniature Zen Garden

Posted by Miniature Expressions on

Miniature Zen Garden

Miniature Expressions is excited to announce the addition of Miniature Zen Garden products and supplies.

A Zen garden is a Japanese form of dry garden, where nature is represented in a miniature form by using stones and sand or gravel. Miniature Zen gardens are great for small places such as a desktop, bookshelf, or other space in your living area. The main components of Zen garden are stones and gravel. Figurines, plants, and water are optional features. Zen gardens offer a relaxing component as well and often have an accessory to be integrated such as a rolling ball or rake.

A big advantage of creating a Miniature indoor Zen Garden is they can be easily changed. You can try different designs depending on your time and mood. Use your imagination to create different patterns or have more then one layout to showcase different designs. The plants used in a zen garden represent the miniature version of actual plants. Only moss and some varieties of uniformly growing plants like air plants or some succulents, are best for the the miniature size.

Miniature Expressions has a large variety of supplies used to create a zen garden. Browse our containers, colored sand, different size stones, and even add a unique figurine or rolling ball for making designs in the sand.

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