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River Root Furnishings Discontinued - Artist Retired

Posted by Miniature Expressions on

River Root Planter

The River Root Furnishings and Planters product line has been discontinued. The artist retired at the end of the Summer of 2018 and this past weekend we sold our last inventory.

The artist had created several dozen designs over the years. Each planter was hand crafted based on one of those designs. While each planter followed a blueprint, no two were alike.

River Root planters, furniture, and garden decor make great fairy garden showcase or accent pieces. These unique products are created from the roots found at the base of trees along Latin American rivers. Each piece is designed by River Root Gardens, based in Texas. The actual production of each item is performed by Artisans from small Latin American villages.

Since each garden birdhouse and planter is hand crafted, the final product will be distinctive but made to resemble the original design.

It is disappointing to see the production end for these unique works of art.

This is truly a collectors item now. We hope everyone that purchased one from us enjoys them for years to come.

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