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A Birthday Cake and a Fairy Garden

Posted by Miniature Expressions on

Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

A nondescript Friday in August; the day started out like most any other, except I was a little late opening the store. After unlocking, entering the store, and placing my computer and lunch on my desk, I returned to the front to continue the opening process. As I prepared to place our unique planters out front for display I found a very nice women patiently waiting outside the door.

She had a nice smile and politely asked if we were open. I apologized for being late and held the door as our early shopper entered to browse all the adorable hand painted pieces. I continued the opening process and then quietly took my place behind the register as the shopper browsed.

After some time, she came to front to ask me a few questions about fairy garden products. And this is where the story became very interesting, and sweet!

My shopper’s name was Alma. She is the grandmother of a delightful young girl who was about to have an 8 th birthday. Alma had a very bold idea.

I’m sure as fairy gardeners somewhere along your travels you’ve spoke with or heard about or even been a parent or grandparent that wanted to gift a fairy garden to a child or grandchild. Well yes, Alma wanted to do that. But in the most glorious way.

Alma was making the birthday cake and wanted to place the fairy garden on top. We are not talking a few pieces scattered around the cake. This was going to be a full blown fairy garden with a house, fairies, furniture, animals, accessories, fence, moss, signs….all you could do and more!

One of Alma’s first concerns was the weight of the pieces and the issue of them sinking into the cake. Of course, once she mentioned it to me I had the same exact concern. I had never encountered such a grand imaginative use or way to gift a fairy garden, especially one that would include a house on a cake.

We talked for a bit more about that problem. I showed Alma some smaller lighter pieces and even discussed the micro-mini collection; that would be easy to put on a cake. No dice! This had to be the real deal full scale miniature garden stuff.

A little more conversation and the topic turned to wedding cakes and the way they are layered. Sure enough the answer was in how multi-layer wedding cakes are constructed.

The main birthday cake would be topped with a platform held up by pillars. But instead of the next layer being more cake, it would be a fairy garden. From here, Alma was off and running.

A while later and a few more conversions about what looked nice together, Alma had it all. About 20 pieces, including Fairy Picnic Place (who would have thought it was going to appear on top of a cake!).

Alma was very sweet and of course as she left I wished her luck and was left with that warm feeling you get from unexpected pleasant encounters. My day resumed as expected and I told a few others about my morning visit from an eager grandmother looking to surprise a little girl with a very special birthday present.

After that, I didn’t think much more about it. Then a couple of days ago while I was out in the store planning some re-arranging ahead of the upcoming holiday seasons, in walks Alma.

“Remember me?”, she asks. Honestly at first, I didn’t (sorry Alma). Alma proceeded to take out her phone and began to discuss “the birthday cake”. It all came back to me.

Alma had come back to share pictures of her creation. And it was grand. Words cannot describe the masterpiece. There is so much detail involved here. There are even areas in the fairy garden where dirt is made of chocolate sprinkles and rocks made if white chocolate covered almonds!

Alma has shared her pictures with us and has given permission for us to share them with everyone else. So, attached to this post you will find Alma’s creation for a special granddaughter’s 8 th birthday.


From the Top

From the Front


Fairy Garden

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